Come Sunday

A Creation Story ~ Spring Recital

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I was inspired by the meaning of the song "Come Sunday" from Duke Ellington's and Mahalia Jackson's album "Black Brown and Beige" and conceptualized this concert. Come Sunday has been one of my biggest and most rewarding projects -to-date, and included over 30 amazing musicians and collaborative performances. The lyric that is the undercurrent of all the arrangements and and repertoire is:

"Lord, dear Lord of love, God almighty
God of love, please look down and see my people through"

-Come Sunday

I have the deep sense that even though this would is crazy there is so much hope for the future and the present moment. I really know that things are and will change; and that makes me happy and empowers me. 

The Rehearsal Process


The Purpose

 Come Sunday brings about a musical equilibrium that shares my life, cultural history, and experiences. It is a musical dialogue that is meant to  keep people questioning the deepest aspect of themselves and what the know to be true.  Among the audience was artist, musicians, family, teachers, and architects. 


The Possibility

Using what I learned in my Entrepreneurial Musicianship (EM) class, its important to keep the dream big and the steps to get there small! I've always wanted to organize my own big band and choose the songs that  I would be singing. Come Sunday was the perfect opportunity for to do it. I asked my friend M.M Jake Kaplan to conduct the All Star Swing City Big Band and it was so fun! My mentor Barbara Morrison allowed me to sing her arrangement of Destination Moon.


The Collaboration

Collaboration was the strongest aspect of Come Sunday. My friends and musical colleagues made it possible for the vision to come to life. The Septet that consisted of Marcelo Perez( dr), Bruce Kang (bass), Andrew Boudreau (pno), Bobby Lane (trp), Nathan Reising (alt), and Joel Linscheid (ten). They were like the heartbeat of the concert that set a platform for the evening. The arrangements we played featured them as soloist and was interactive.

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Mizan Willis playing the Djembe

Mizan Willis playing the Djembe

Utsav Lal playing the piano

Utsav Lal playing the piano

Friends and Family!